International Road Haulage

Brinor started out providing a trailer service between the U.K. and Germany.
Since its inception the company has consolidated its position within the broader European market by applying and adapting its experience gradually and steadily to other areas.

Our services now incorporate groupage, part load and full load operations to and from all European countries, extending beyond our original German core to embrace the Mediterranean south, Scandinavian north and the rapidly developing eastern Europe.

We are now in a position to offer the most economical, efficient mode of transportation to deliver your cargo to a pan European market, be it the occasional pallet to the centre of a major city, regular timed cargo to the outskirts, or a whole project to a more distant location.
Our own fleet of vans, tilts, tautliners, and high volume road trains is augmented by long- standing arrangements with sub contractors, who provide us with reliable support and invaluable local knowledge.
All sub contractors operate under our close control and operate to our own high standards. Flexibility of route is created by our arrangements with all major ferry operators, which allow us to choose the most time and cost efficient mode of shipping.

Transport to all destinations is arranged and controlled by the multilingual staff at our head office in Levington. We will offer our suggestions based on our experience, or follow your own specific instructions.
We know the importance of responding to client needs with a fast and accurate service.
All you have to do is ask!

Tel: (+44) 1 473 655800

Any time, any place, anywhere!

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