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Brinor International Shipping & Forwarding Ltd is a freight company which provides resources and expertise in domestic and international road haulage, warehousing and distribution, Customs clearance and Deep Sea Exports and Imports.

Brinor International Shipping & Forwarding Ltd was founded in 1979 by Manfred Bahr and remains an independent and privately owned company with stability and a sustained record of growth. The Brinor group has expanded from its original roots in European driver accompanied trailer operations into a diverse company, with many services to provide a complete supply chain solution for each individual customer.






Brinor is a medium sized company which is big enough to cope, but small enough to care. Our account managers are ….well….accountable! You will have a person or team at the end of the phone who will take the trouble to understand what you want and to fulfil your requests – and they’ll even let you know when your goods have arrived up the road, or in Timbuktu!



If you want your goods somewhere other than Timbuktu, then that’s OK too! Although many staff are multilingual, it’s not quite the same as having someone on site is it? So Brinor has developed relationships with agents all over the world to help out when local knowledge is required! Our friends can be your friends – it’s a bit like cleaning up your Facebook account – we’ve done the work and decided who is worth knowing. Just think of the time and hassle that could save you!

And beyond!


Just like you can use your mobile phone to check out the weather in another country  you can use the benefits of the satellite tracking on our trucks to locate the exact whereabouts of your cargo. Our IT team has developed software so you can check when your goods are in, out, or shaking it about! Although we haven’t managed to deliver to the moon… yet!